I am obsessed with TOMS shoes. For every pair of shoes purchased, the company donates “a pair of shoes to a child in need.” In the past few years TOMS developed a line of shoes hand painted by various artists known as the Haiti Artist Collective. Their stated mission is inspiring:

“TOMS is committed to creating jobs through shoe production and design in Haiti to help the Haitian people strengthen their economy. Through the TOMS Haiti Artist Collective, TOMS works with local artists who hand-paint limited edition men’s and women’s classics, providing a global canvas to bring the beauty of Haitian culture worldwide.”

Currently TOMS offers shoes painted by three artists: Duré Fritz, Frantz Pierre Louis and Murat Louis. This pair of shoes is my most recent TOMS purchase. These shoes were hand painted and signed by local Haitian artist Frantz Pierre Louis. With this collection TOMS melds art and function in a simple pair of shoes while promoting a philanthropic agenda.

For more information on TOM’s mission and their Haitian Artist Collective here is a link to their website!




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