Framed in NYC


The High Line, an elevated walking pathway that runs along Manhattan’s West Side, offers an aerial perspective of the bustling city.  Lined with lush greenery, food carts and resting spots, the High Line is refreshing. In front of some resting benches are large steel frames that resemble a picture frame. As seen from the perspective of a passerby, people seated on these benches become framed works of art. They sit in an elevated throne, high above the city, looking down at the yellow taxis and walkers. Their actions become living art within its framed boundaries. From the benches on the High Line, the city below is framed art. The frame becomes a socially acceptable mechanism to see and be seen. As the city and its citizens move, the framed scene changes, highlighting the ephemeral quality of art.

1 Comment

  1. Matt

    After all my trips to the Big Apple I have yet to see this work of art. Looking at the world through different lenses as part of living art, very clever!


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