I Want To Make a Phone Call

IMG_6111I Want To Make a Phone Call // Michael Grahm // Photograph by Francesca Brisbois

Red telephone booths are not a common sighting in the United States, let alone in the costal town of Laguna Beach, California. However, a city famous for its local art scene, this piece is one of its latest installations. Designed by artist Michael Grahm, the work, which is situated on Forest Avenue, consists of an old fashion red telephone booth with a metal figure desperately trying to open the door. Grahm repurposes a vintage object while adding a contemporary, comical spin. No one uses telephone booths anymore, so why is this figure so desperate to enter the booth? To actually make a call? For free wifi? To escape the rain? You tell me.

1 Comment

  1. OMG!! I look for it next time I’m in Laguna.


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