The Billboard Creative

FullSizeRender 44Ed Ruscha // 2015 // Melrose

Traffic stopper. As bad as driving can be in Los Angeles there can be an added benefit. Currently in Los Angeles The Billboard Creative has placed 33 billboards throughout the city designed by contemporary artists. Curated by Mona Kuhn, these billboards are sure to stop traffic. Have you seen any? Log on to the ArtMoi app to find out the locations of these welcome additions to the ubiquitous billboards of Los Angeles.

FullSizeRender 22Jack Pierson // 2015 // Santa Monica Blvd

FullSizeRender 23

Bear Kirkpatrick // 2015 // Gower Street

FullSizeRender 18

Shannon Rose // 2015 //Cahuenga Blvd


Robert Zuchowski // 2015 // Virgil Ave

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