What’s Your Position?

FullSizeRender 60

Ryan McGinness // 2011 // porcelain-baked enamel on steel panel // 30 x 54 x 2 in

Untitled (Black & Purple, Buffi) // Edition #1 of 2

Untitled  (Black & Purple, Katlyn) // Edition #1 of 2

Untitled (Black & Purple, Helena) // Edition #1 of 2

Untitled (Black & Purple, Brittany) // Edition #1 of 2

Hanging above the doorway to the reception desk at The Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles are five works of black and purple figures by Ryan McGinness. The figures have names: Buffie, Katlyn, Helena and Brittany (from the top down). What exactly are these figures doing? They are all naked and posed in sexually explicit positions. It makes you wonder why these particular works of art are so prominently displayed sure to be viewed by all guests of the hotel. What is your position?

1 Comment

  1. I do not believe that this “art” should be displayed at a hotel.


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