Electronic Superhighway

IMG_5060Internet Dream // Nam June Paik // 52 monitors // 1994

If you are the type of person who likes to go to art exhibitions to escape from the world of technology, then Electronic Superhighway at Whitechapel Gallery is not the exhibition for you. However, if you are fascinated by the influence of technology in art then you will find this show electrifying. Television screens, cords and computers cover the walls and floors. There are flashing lights, stacked television sets and electronic illusions, not to mention multiple rooms to sit and watch films.

FullSizeRender-9Text Butt // Olaf Breuning // Wallpaper on MDF panel // 2015


Jennifer in Paradise, Liquify WhiteChapel // Constant Dullart // Custom Wallpaper // 2015 // Glowing Edges_7.10 // Constant Dullart // Lenticular print, framed // 2014 // Plastic Wrap_20.15.15 // Lenticular print, framed // 2014


New Age Demanded (Future Angel Racer) // Jon Rafman // 3-D photopolymer resin & gray-to-black color-shifting, acrylic, mirrored plinth // 2014


Loading // Aristarkh Chernyshev // Custom LED panel // 2007


Corona // Peter Sedgely // PVA & pigment on canvas with kinetic lights // 1970

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