Forms Without Life

FullSizeRender-1Forms Without Life // Damien Hirst // 1991 // Fiberboard cabinet, melamine, wood, steel, glass & sea shells

Six shelves containing beautiful sea shells comprise Damien Hirst’s “Forms Without Life” located at Tate Britain. The sea shells seem to invite you to come up closely and look, but you can’t touch as they rest behind class. The enclosed case harks back to the pre-cursors of museums, the cabinets of curiosity, which were intended to showcase unique and rare objects from all over the world in the same room or cabinet. Hirst’s work does so as well. Where are these sea shells from? Did Damien Hirst find them or did he buy them? We don’t know. All we know is that these sea shells create a relaxing environment, similar to a lazy afternoon on the sand.

1 Comment

  1. Loved the seashells. What a cleaver way to display them. I would like them at my beach house if only I had a wall big enough!!


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