Unseen City

FullSizeRender-21 2Gentlemen’s top hats // Trinity Hospital, Greenwich // Martin Parr // 2015

Currently on view in the Guildhall Art Gallery is a photography exhibition by Martin Parr. By over saturating color, Parr creates vivid photographs of the city of London. His viewpoints provide a unique glimpse into the ceremonies and events that take place in this historic city. My personal favorite, the Musketeers at the Poulters’ procession. The juxtaposition of the Musketeers in their uniform marching in front of a Pret-a-Manger, creates a cheeky composition.

FullSizeRender-19Musketeers at the Poulters’ procession on Ash Wednesday // Martin Parr // 2014


The Queen visiting Drapers’ Hall on the Drapers’ 650th anniversary // Martin Paar // 2014


The Great Mace on St. Matthew’s Day // Martin Parr // 2014


Fiona Woolf, the second female Lord Mayor in 800 years, after the Silent Ceremony // Martin Parr // 2013

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