Levitated Mass

FullSizeRender 33Levitated Mass // Michael Heizer // Diorite granite & concrete // 340 tons // 2012

What’s that towering over in the distance? No, not the palm trees. Is that a giant rock? Is that a work of art? A rock, really? In fact, yes that rock is one of LACMA’s outdoor works of art. Titled Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer, this rock has become famous in the city of Los Angeles. After searching years for the perfect rock, Heizer found this beauty in Riverside, California. This 340 ton sculpture was shipped down the freeway, crossed city streets and eventually found its new home at LACMA. People partied, proposed marriage and celebrated around the work and it became an overnight celebrity. Still questioning a rock as a work of art? Check out the film Levitated Mass: The Story of Michael Heizer’s Monolithic Sculpture. You will have a ton of fun.

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