Beyond Beauty

FullSizeRender-42 Temple Place is one of London’s best kept secrets. Located at 2 Temple Place on the South Bank is the home of William Waldorf Astor. Every year different themed exhibitions are held in his home.  This year is Beyond Beauty Transforming the Body in Ancient Egypt. The first floor shows the world of the living: makeup, and garments while the top floor are devoted to the world of the dead, mummies. This exhibition is free to all, but it is only up for a short amount of time. Be sure to to check out this show before it closes on April 24th!

FullSizeRender-6‘Nu’ Shabits Liberation & Intervention // Zahed Taj-Eddin



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  1. I come to London often and thought I knew the art scene but I have never even heard of 2 Temple. What a discovery! Had did you ever find it?


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