Eye Attack

IMG_7139 Random Distribution of 88,000 Squares Using The ∏  Number Decimals, 50% Odd Digit Blue, 50% Even Digit Red // François Morellet

Warning: this exhibition can cause dizziness and nausea. This was written on the wall label before the entrance to the Louisiana Museum of Art’s exhibition Eye Attack. This show explores Op Art and Kinetic Art from 1950-1970. Works spin, twist, flicker. Or so they seem. It is up to you to decipher what works are actually moving and which works make you think they are in motion by playing tricks with your eyes. There are optical environments you can enter, videos to watch and a timeline of Op Art and Kinetic Art. This exhibition will  attack your eyes but in an unique and pleasing manner.

IMG_7143Blaze 4 // Bridget Riley // 1964


Dynamics of Color // Jesús Rafael Soto // 1957


Optic Environment


Volumes // Richard Josepha Anuszkiewicz // 1970


Chromosaturation // Carlos Cruz-Diez // 1965-2016


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  1. Very Interesting


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