Castello di Rivoli

IMG_9524Grand Suite // Jan Vercruysse // painted wood frames, red velvet chaise lounge // 1986

Located on the top of a hill in Turin, Italy sits the Castello di Rivoli. From the 1300s to the 1800s the Savoy family owned this castle. After their rule, it became a part of the city of Turin. It wasn’t until 1980s that the castle became what we know it today, as the Castello di Rivoli Museuo d’Arte Contemporanea. This contemporary art museum is a far cry from the traditional contemporary museums which take on the form of a white cube. At the Castello di Rivoli, the contemporary works sit inside the painted and ornately decorated walls and ceilings, remnants of its past life as a castle. Here you can see a stuffed horse suspended from a detailed white coffered ceiling and a brightly embroidered canvas hanging above an historic fresco.

IMG_9495Everything // Alighieri Boetti // Canvas, embroidery in colored cottons // 1987-1988


Architecture of the Mirror // Michelangelo Pistoletto // Gilded wood, mirrors // 1990 // 4 elements, 380 x 200 cm each


Novecento // Maurizio Cattelan // Taxidermized horse, leather saddlery, rope, pulley // 1997 // 201.2 x 271 x 68.6 cm


Venus of the Rags // Michelangelo Pistoletto // Reproduction of Venus in cement covered in mica, rags //1967


Time-Based Architecture — Time—Debased Architecture // Mario Merz // Iron tubes, painted glass, clamps, stones, acrylic on canvas, neon, twigs // 1981 // 300 x 1400 x 400 cm


Seeing Reading [cobalt blue] // Joseph Kosuth // Neon tubes // 1979 // 12 x 710 cm

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  1. The old embracing the new is inspiring.


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