Art Night

IMG_2289Saturday night the ICA held the first Art Night in the city of London. Performance works occurred in a range of venues from the Charring Cross tube station, to Covent Garden, to Somerset House to St. Mary le Strand Church. Visitors were able to walk from location to location to see and engage in a variety of performance art works. “Don’t Sleep,” that is what visitors were told as many of the shows started after dark and ran until 2:00 am. At Somerset House a group of people participated in traditional Chinese exercise in a piece called the Physique of Consciousness by Xu Zhen and produced by Modern Company. In the little Baroque church in the middle of The Strand, St. Mary le Strand, the film, Film Title Poem, by Jennifer West played. Visitors were able to be a part of her next project by writing on a 16 mm film strip the title of their favorite movie, where they saw it and what it means to them. I did not make it to 2:00, I went to sleep. Were you able to stay awake and see each performance?

IMG_2285Xu Zhen Produced by Modern Company // Physique of Consciousness // Somerset House // Utopia 2016

Jennifer West // Film Title Poem // 2016 // St. Mary le Strand

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