Rana Begum: The Space Between

FullSizeRender-89 No. 161, 2008 // Rana Begum // paint on powder-coated aluminum, each of 16 pieces

Shadows, optical illusions and backlights are present in the works in the current exhibition at Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art in London. The exhibition, Rana Begum: The Space Between, is a solo show by the Bangladeshi-British artist Rana Begum. Be sure not to miss No. 670, 2016 a work created in situ especially for this exhibition. Visitors are encouraged to walk around and in-between a grid-like maze created out of neon colored steel bars. If that doesn’t play with your sense of space I’m not sure what will!

FullSizeRender-70No. 394, L Fold, 2013 // Rana Begum // paint on mild steel


 No. 449, 2013 & No. 453, 2013 // Rana Begum // paint on powder-coated aluminum


No. 670, 2016 // Rana Begum


No. 531, 2014 // Rana Begum // paint on power-coated aluminum



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