Mirror Cells

FullSizeRender 36Little Lips (Grey) // Liz Craft // 2016 // ceramic

One of the latest exhibitions at The Whitney was a group exhibition titled Mirror Cells which showcased Liz Craft, Rochelle Goldberg, Elizabeth Jaeger, Maggie Lee and Win McCarthy. Together these artists use everyday materials such as wood, yarn, clay and aluminum to create works that hark to another world, a utopian society.

IMG_4291Spider Woman I (Stripes) // Liz Craft // 2014 // papier-mâché, yarn & mixed media


Computer Love // Liz Craft // 2016 // ceramic, aluminum & wood & Spider Woman V (Ceccaldi) // Liz Craft // 2016 // papier-mâché, yarn & mixed media & Spider Woman IV (Fishnets) // 2015 // papier-mâché, yarn & mixed media


No Where, Now Here // Rochelle Goldberg // 2016 // stainless steel, ceramic, wood, grass & carpet


Clock (Lavender) // Liz Craft // 2016 // ceramic, aluminum & wood

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