Islamic Art Now, Part 2

FullSizeRender 60.jpgIllumination Diptych (Ottoman Waqf) // Ahmed Mater // 2010 // gold leaf, tea, pomegranate, Dupont Chinese ink & offset X-ray film print on paper

Earlier in the year I posted on LACMA’s showcase of their newly acquired Islamic works. The post referred to Part 1 of the exhibition. LACMA recently showcased Part 2 which included a works in a variety of media from installation, to sculpture, to photography to video. These were some works that I found particularly intriguing.

jSepeleshk // Iman Safaei // 2014 // iron


Untitled (Shubbak VI) // Sherin Guirguis // 2013 // mixed media on hand-cut paper


Untitled // Kamran Sharif // 2015 // copper alloy


Whoever Obeys Allah, He Will Make for Him a Way Out // Nasser Al Salem // 2012


Untitled // Shadi Ghadirian // From the series Like Every Day // 2000 // inkjet print

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