Toba Khedoori

fullsizerender-62Untitled (walkway) // Toba Khedoori // 1998 // oil & wax on paper

Huge sheets of white paper cover white walls. Extremely intricate drawings occupy a small portion of the paper leaving large amounts of negative space. Some drawings depict details of an auditorium, an apartment complex or a storm cloud. Some create illusions which tempt the viewer to want to walk through the work. Australian artist Toba Khedoori’s works present the viewer with various perspectives of everyday, mundane objects.

fullsizerender-65Untitled (seats) // Toba Khedoori // oil & wax on paper


Untitled (table and chair) // Toba Khedoori // 1999 // oil, pencil & wax on paper


Untitled (clouds) // Toba Khedoori // 2005 // oil & wax on paper

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