Kishio Suga

IMG_9570Accumulated Phases // Kishio Suga // paper, stone & earth // 1979/2016

Combining natural objects such as stones and earth with man-made objects such as metal and vinyl, Kishio Suga creates works that question man’s relationship with the natural world. As one of the founders of the Japanese movement Mono-ha (School of Things), some of Suga’s minimalist pieces appear to transformational. For instance, the installation of Diagonal Phase is dependent on the height of the gallery, allowing the work to appear differently each time it is displayed.

IMG_9576Placement of Condition // Kishio Suga // stone & wire // 1973/2016


Diagonal Phase // Kishio Suga // wood & stone // 1969/2012


Accumulated Effects // Kishio Suga // stone & vinyl // 1979/2016


Law of Halted Space // Kishio Suga // wood & metal // 2016

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