Blox and Bax

wef.jpgHedz // Kenny Scharf // oil on linen with powder coated aluminum frame // 2016 // 48 x 34 cm

In a fun, playful Honor Fraser Gallery exhibition were pieces by Kenny Scharf. Titled “Blox and Bax,” three of Scharf’s series were on view: BLOCKHEADZ, TV Bax and Assemblage Tableaux Vivants. In BLOCKHEADZ, bold colored geometric faces with large noses and varying expressions painted on large canvases hang on the gallery’s white walls. For TV BAX Scharf uses old TV’s and brings them to life with his iconic faces. Some sport dazzling teeth and vibrant paint while one even includes a painted green skull. In the final series on view, Assemblage Tableaux Vivants, Scharf creates small sculptures using a variety of materials such as beads, game board pieces and plastic toys. Despite the different materials used in each series, what all three share in common is their commentary on commercialism in today’s world.

aaHeadblox // Kenny Scharf // oil on canvas // 2016 // 96 x 120 in


Viva El Robot Infinitum // Kenny Scharf // 2017 // 70 x 90 in


 #1 // Kenny Scharf // oil and mixed media on found television // 2016 // 22 x 30 x 13 in


 I Heart You // Kenny Scharf // mixed media assemblage // 2016 // 23 x 24 x 8 in

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