Mother Earth

IMG_9916.jpgMother Earth // Barton Rubenstein // 2015 // 5 meters tall

Located on the banks of the Potomac River in Georgetown, D.C. is a minimalist sculpture of a face in profile by artist Barton Rubenstein. Titled “Mother Earth,” this work was unveiled on Saturday, April 29 of this year. This sculpture is the first, of many, to be part of the Mother Earth Project which according to their website is “a global environment-saving initiative celebrating sustainability.” The goal of this project is to place a “Mother Earth” sculpture in countries all around the world that have addressed the need for sustainability. By the end of 2017 there will be a “Mother Earth” work in Benin, Cameroon, Germany, Israel and Italy. The sculptures will be placed near rivers and oceans, uniting them through flowing water. If a country wishes to receive a sculpture they can apply for one on the Untied Nations website by detailing their sustainability and environmental practices.

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