IMG_9631.jpgSilke Otto-Knapp’s grisaille watercolors were inspired by the choreography of Frederick Ashton’s ballet. The figures represented in Otto-Knapp’s “Monotones” move with fluidity, resembling a ballerina dancing on the stage. These large scale watercolor canvases demand presence and grace, a shared characteristic with ballet.

IMG_9632Monotones (Seascape), 73 by 244 (4) // Silke Otto-Knapp // watercolor/canvas // 2016

IMG_9633Monotones (Figures and groups), 73 by 183 (3) //Silke Otto-Knapp // watercolor/canvas // 2016

IMG_9634Monotones (March), 73 by 61 // Silke Otto-Knapp // watercolor/canvas // 2016

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