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For Your Eyes Only


IMG_7576.JPGHiplights (Enlighted Hips) // Pipilotti Rist // 2011// used & washed underpants, steel cables & custom-made LED lamps 

Yes that is underwear hanging from a wire. And yes, I know what you were thinking, this is art? Created by video artist Pipilotti Rist, this work is known as “Hiplights (Enlighted Hips)” and showcases both used and washed underwear hanging on a wire, illuminated by LED lamps. Resembling a drying wire for clothes, Rist creates a playful scene in an otherwise ordinary hallway. 

Jason Rhoades

FullSizeRender 6 copy 3.jpgTijuanatanjierchandelier // Jason Rhoades // mixed media // 2006

In an immersive exhibition of six installations is “Jason Rhoades: Installations, 1994-2006” at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles. Each room is composed of one installation. Visitors are allowed to walk through the installations. In some of the rooms the blue print drawings of the work are on view, showing the artistic process of Rhoades. His works are politically charged relating to issues of stereotypes of cultures and women. My favorite work is “My Madinah. In pursuit of my ermitage…” The interactive installation pays homage to Rhoades’s own pilgrimage from Los Angeles to Mecca, California. This work resembles a temple and a mosque as it provides a critical commentary on how society perceives temples and mosques. The floor is made of overlaid towels held together with what appears to be drizzled glue. Visitors are invited to walk barefoot across the floor, seeing the work from different angels. Various ceramic objects, a box and a stool are located on the carpet. Suspended from the ceiling are 240 neon lights with crude phrases for female genitalia such as “magic cave,” “tuna taco,” “pussy” and “hot rocket.”

FullSizeRender 4Tijuanatanjierchandelier // Jason Rhoades // mixed media // 2006

FullSizeRender 6 copySwedish Erotica and Fiero Parts // Jason Rhoades // mixed media // 1994

FullSizeRender 7 copySwedish Erotica and Fiero Parts // Jason Rhoades // mixed media // 1994

aMy Brother / Brancuzi // Jason Rhoades // mixed media // 1995

aaMy Brother / Brancuzi // Jason Rhoades // mixed media // 1995

FullSizeRender 6 copy 2The Creation Myth // Jason Rhoades // mixed media // 1998

sdfThe Black Pussy…and the Pagon Idol Workshop // Jason Rhoades // mixed media // 2005

dThe Black Pussy…and the Pagon Idol Workshop // Jason Rhoades // mixed media // 2005

eMy Madinah. In pursuit of my ermitage… // Jason Rhoades // mixed media // 2004


My Madinah. In pursuit of my ermitage… // Jason Rhoades // mixed media // 2004

FullSizeRender 7 copy 2

My Madinah. In pursuit of my ermitage… // Jason Rhoades // mixed media // 2004


“Charm” (Sexual Self-Portrait)

sssssssss.jpg“Charm” (Sexual Self-Portrait) // Keith Lewis // 2002 // from the series Bawdy Baubles // gilded silver, enamel, horn & bone

One of the more sexual pieces of jewelry in LACMA’s recent exhibition “Beyond Bling: Jewelry From the Lois Boardman Collection” is Keith Lewis’s ‘Charm (Sexual Self-Portrait).” The bracelet consists of penis charms made of gilded silver, enamel, horn and bone. Keith Lewis is a jewelry designer and metalwork artist who has used jewelry as an activist tool, and fashion statement, for human sexuality and attitudes towards sexual identity.


IMG_4782.jpegThings are certainly heating up at the V&A this summer — bras, thongs and boxers. Despite being your “intimates,” they are all on view at the V&A in the exhibition Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear. Journey through the evolution of underwear as you discover wool corsets, wedding night attire and contemporary lingerie by designers like Stella McCartney. This exhibition will certainly make you think twice about what is under your clothes.

Girl with Dolphin & Monkey

FullSizeRender-4Girl with Dolphin and Monkey // Jeff Koons // 2009 // Oil on canvas

Lingerie – check. High heels – check. Inflatable dolphin – check. Inflatable monkey – check. Wait, that doesn’t seem right. How do objects such as lingerie and high heels fit in with inflatable animals? Well Jeff Koons makes them fit together. Girl with Dolphin and Monkey is part of Koon’s erotic series Made in Heaven. Here a girl straddles an inflatable dolphin while leaning in to kiss a monkey. Sexy?

Body Suit

FullSizeRender 59(L) Suit for Tichy 4 (R) Suit for Tichy 5 // Goshka Macuga // Digital print on lycra // 2013

Would you wear a body suit? How about the ones designed by artist Goshka Macuga? Macula’s two body suits hang in The Broad Museum. These body suits are designed to resemble a female body, however they are distorted, especially when worn as the material stretches. These outfits were designed based upon drawings by artist Miroslav Tichy, and thus the title of the work is Suit for Tichy. 

Sexual Life of a Stable Relationship


Sexual Life of a Stable Relationship Jaime and Francisca // Jamie Serra // 2010 // Print

Ever thought about documenting your sex life? Well artist Jamie Serra and his wife Francisca did just that. Displayed in the Big Bang Data exhibition at Somerset House is a large rectangular panel covered in thin stripes. Each stripe refers to a day over the course of one year. Each day the couple documented if they had sex, if they had sex with a third party and what type of sex they performed, amongst other categories. Each type of sexual encounter corresponds to a color which was then reported as a stripe on the chart. What do you think?

What’s Your Position?

FullSizeRender 60

Ryan McGinness // 2011 // porcelain-baked enamel on steel panel // 30 x 54 x 2 in

Untitled (Black & Purple, Buffi) // Edition #1 of 2

Untitled  (Black & Purple, Katlyn) // Edition #1 of 2

Untitled (Black & Purple, Helena) // Edition #1 of 2

Untitled (Black & Purple, Brittany) // Edition #1 of 2

Hanging above the doorway to the reception desk at The Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles are five works of black and purple figures by Ryan McGinness. The figures have names: Buffie, Katlyn, Helena and Brittany (from the top down). What exactly are these figures doing? They are all naked and posed in sexually explicit positions. It makes you wonder why these particular works of art are so prominently displayed sure to be viewed by all guests of the hotel. What is your position?

Live Nude

FullSizeRender-18Live Nude / Croy Nielsen // 1986 // torn litho poster on board, framed // 129 x 98 cm// Unique // Mitchell Syrop

Palm trees, white sandy beaches, crystal blue oceans. Why wear clothes when you can live nude? A work in his “Torn Series,” Croy Nielsen combines photo and text to create his piece Live Nude. By juxtaposing the text and image, Nielsen creates a serene piece where life with clothing is optional.

Sex Toys

IMG_1320Sex Toys // Ai Weiwei // 2014 // Jade

Is that what I think it is? It can’t possibly be. It’s on a wood pedestal covered in glass in the Royal Academy of Art in London. But it is. It is in fact a sex toy. But not one. There are two. But it looks so delicate. These sex toys are not made of ordinary materials. They are carved in jade by contemporary Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. By using an expensive material such as jade, Ai Weiwei plays with our idea of everyday consumer products made in a not so everyday material. Interested in seeing more of Ai Weiwei? The Royal Academy of Art currently has a retrospective of his work on view until December 13. Go see these toys as well as many other works!