Our View From Here

IMG_0085Our View From Here // Linn Meyer

Swirling on the second floor of the Hirshhorn Museum is the site-specific drawing “Our View from Here” by Linn Meyer.  For this piece Meyer drew directly onto the wall of the gallery, creating a total of 400 linear feet. As visitors walk around the gallery their perspective of the work changes, the drawing spirals and twirls around the circular gallery space. Interested in seeing Meyer’s drawing process? Check out this time-lapse of her working: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYPwZv2Ul0M

IMG_0086Our View From Here // Linn Meyer

Katharina Grosse

IMG_9645.jpgUntitled // Katharina Grosse // acrylic on canvas // 2016 // 299 x 203 cm (unframed)

Berlin based artist Katharina Grosse recently exhibited her latest body of work at Gagosian Gallery in NYC. Grosse paints large canvases with a spray bottle. She does not plan where to apply paint, rather she paints in the moment. In addition to canvases Grosse also showcased a 3-dimensional work of acrylic on aluminum in which she applies paint in the same spontaneous style as her canvas pieces.


IMG_9653Untitled // Katharina Grosse // acrylic on canvas // 2016 // 376 x 201 cm


Untitled // Katharina Grosse // acrylic on aluminum // 2016 // 74.5 x 171 x 409 cm // 1 of 3 unique versions plus 1AP


Untitled // Katharina Grosse // acrylic on canvas // 2016 // 290 x 193 cm (unframed)



A new type of canvas has arrived: water bottles. LIFE WTR has decided to use its bottle as a blank canvas for artists. Every three months new artists will have the chance to design a label for the bottle. The first group of artists’ creations have hit the supermarket shelves. The three artists are Jason Woodside, MOMO and Craig & Karl. Jason Woodside’s bottle evokes the feeling of lakes, oceans and water in varying shades of blue [bottle on the far left]. MOMO’s label reflects the bold murals he creates [bottles on the far right]. Craig & Karl’s bottle shows a geometric hand making the “OK” sign reinforcing it is good to drink more water [bottle in the middle]. Become #MoreInspired with your Craig & Karl’s “OK” bottle by taking selfies with the water bottle and posting them on social media, a collaboration titled Craig & Karl x You. Be sure to look out for the next three artists sometime in early summer!


IMG_9529.jpgSkerts // Laleh Khorramian

Three brilliantly colored flowing cloaks were recently on view in tANJA gRUNERT in NYC. Created for this exhibition, these dyed fabrics are part of a new body of work where Khorramian explores fabrics and clothing design. The flowing nature of these robes resemble traditional Chinese robes blended with modern pigments and abstract forms.

IMG_9530Skerts // Laleh Khorramian

House I

IMG_9839.jpgHouse I // Roy Lichtenstein // fabricated & painted aluminum // 1996, fabricated 1998 // 115 x 176 x 52 in

In the sculpture garden at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. is a brightly colored house, “House I.” Well, a façade of a house. Created by Roy Lichtenstein and painted in primary colors (yellow, red and blue) and white, this house resembles his famous comic book style paintings. “House I” appears to be slanted, about to be blown down in the slightest gust of wind. This illusion plays with visitor’s perspective in a playful and engaging manner.

Dust Over Everything

IMG_9607Sudden Stop // Elliott Hundley // paper, oil, ceramic, pins, foam & linen over panel // 2017 // 166.4 x 144.5 x 16.5 cm

Elliott Hundley’s exhibition “Dust Over Everything” at Andrea Rosen Gallery showcased some of his 3-dimensional paintings. In these works, Hundley paints oil on panel while also adding objects such as glass, lotus, foam, shells and coral. Inspired by the 1930’s play “There is No More Firmament,” which attempts to describe the future during year 2000, Hundley’s paintings explore the main themes and theatrical nature of the play through his textured paintings.

IMG_9614Static // Elliott Hundley // paper, coral, metal, oil, foam & linen over panel // 2017 // 153.4 x 133 x 20.3 cm


Everything Starts Again // Elliott Hundley // paper, oil, plastic, glass, lotus, foam & linen over panel // 2017 // 219.4 x 183.5 x 20.3 cm


Marked by Stigmata // Elliott Hundley // paper, oil, shell, ceramic, glass, lotus, plastic, foam & linen over canvas // 2017 // 41.3 x 51.4 x 12.7 cm


Marked by Stigmata // Elliott Hundley // paper, oil, shell, ceramic, glass, lotus, plastic, foam & linen over canvas // 2017 // 41.3 x 51.4 x 12.7 cm

Days and Nights, Lemons

sScene with Sliced Bread, Sundown // Holly Coulis // 2017 // oil on linen // 30.13 x 24 in

“Days and Nights, Lemons” is the title of a recent show of work by Holly Coulis in Cherry and Martin Gallery. In this body of work various still life scenes are painted on linen. Images of wine bottles, glasses, fruits and utensils are some of the main subjects. These objects are characteristic of traditional Dutch still life paintings from the 1600s. Here Coulis creates a modern still life through bold colors and stylized forms.

ssKnife, Potatoes (for French Fries), Bowls // Holly Coulis // 2017 // oil on linen // 30.13 x 36.13 in


Water at Night // Holly Coulis // 2017 // oil on linen // 22 x 19 in