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What’s Your Favorite Work?

IMG_9734What is your favorite art work? I know you probably have one. At the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco a brown board is located in the main atrium with the question “If I could take one artwork home I’d pick ______ because_____.” Visitors are invited to write down their favorite work and explain their reasoning. My favorite in the Asian Art Museum is Boat by Zhu Jinshi. This installation is created with Xuan paper [calligraphy paper], bamboo and cotton thread. Walking through this work, the Chinese calligraphy paper creates an calm atmosphere, one perfect for relaxation.

IMG_9714Boat // Zhu Jinshi // Xuan paper, bamboo & cotton thread // 2012

Is that Ai Weiwei?!

IMG_9711The Death of Marat // He Xiangyu // 2011 // Painted fiberglass, silicone, fabric, human hair & leather // Ed. 1 of 3

OH MY GOODNESS. Is that man okay?! I cautiously approached him. My mind was racing. Why didn’t anyone go help him. Then it hit me, omg this man looks like the contemporary artist Ai Weiwei. This life-size and highly realistic man looks exactly like Ai Weiwei. This work, located in the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, is titled The Death of Marat after the famed painter Jacques-Louis David’s painting The Death of Marat in 1793 which depicted the martyred politician who was stabbed to death in his bathtub during the Reign of Terror. He Xiangyu was inspired by Ai Weiwei persevering through the revocation of his passport and imprisonment and decided to create a work of art to honor him. I think this striking piece is extremely effective don’t you?