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“Charm” (Sexual Self-Portrait)

sssssssss.jpg“Charm” (Sexual Self-Portrait) // Keith Lewis // 2002 // from the series Bawdy Baubles // gilded silver, enamel, horn & bone

One of the more sexual pieces of jewelry in LACMA’s recent exhibition “Beyond Bling: Jewelry From the Lois Boardman Collection” is Keith Lewis’s ‘Charm (Sexual Self-Portrait).” The bracelet consists of penis charms made of gilded silver, enamel, horn and bone. Keith Lewis is a jewelry designer and metalwork artist who has used jewelry as an activist tool, and fashion statement, for human sexuality and attitudes towards sexual identity.

Beyond Bling

FullSizeRender 68.jpgA new collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry has been gifted to LACMA by Lois Boardman. A selection of 50 stunning pieces have recently been on view in the exhibition “Beyond Bling: Jewelry From the Lois Boardman Collection.” Showcased jewelry included a lego necklace, an earthenware dish plate necklace, ornate crowns and even a nosepiece. But if viewing these stunning pieces made you yearn to try one on, LACMA created four different Snapchat filters allowing you to see yourself wearing some of the works on view including a crown, glasses and a necklace.

dddMaharajah’s 6th necklace // emiko oye // 2008 // from the series My First Royal Jewels 2007-2009 // LEGO bricks, rubber cord & silver


Delft Blue “Plooischotel” Necklace // Gésine Hackenberg // 2012 // 1943 Royal Delft earthenware dish, nylon cord & gold


Ring // Claus Bury // 1971 // gold & plexiglass


Necklace // Carolyn Kriegman // 1969 // plexiglass & metal rings


 Articulated crown // Bohemia // 15th century and later // gilded silver, pearls & glass pastes


Gilding the Past necklace // Nancy Worden // 2001 // gilded copper, Japanese and US currency including 1964 and 1965 Kennedy half dollars (gilded silver), coral, turquoise, bone & brass