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Big Bang Data

IMG_5169In a world filled with technology it is often difficult to keep up with the changing apps, software updates and lingo. Everything is documented. Everyone takes selfies, Instagrams and checks in on Facebook. But, do you ever find it confusing? If so, be sure to check out Somerset House’s current exhibition Big Bang Data. You can find works that explain the various technological networks worldwide, information on the cloud, and not to mention engage in multiple interactive activities. You can play a game to see if your technological strategies will help London in the future and click on a map of London to see which borough is currently the happiest based off the live Twitter feed. If you go, be sure to document your trip with a social media post!





Sexual Life of a Stable Relationship


Sexual Life of a Stable Relationship Jaime and Francisca // Jamie Serra // 2010 // Print

Ever thought about documenting your sex life? Well artist Jamie Serra and his wife Francisca did just that. Displayed in the Big Bang Data exhibition at Somerset House is a large rectangular panel covered in thin stripes. Each stripe refers to a day over the course of one year. Each day the couple documented if they had sex, if they had sex with a third party and what type of sex they performed, amongst other categories. Each type of sexual encounter corresponds to a color which was then reported as a stripe on the chart. What do you think?

Vending Machine

IMG_5168Vending Machine // Ellie Harrison // 2009 // Vending machine, Arduino board, PC, custom software, crisps

Wow a vending machine in an exhibition! I could definitely go for a bag of crisps right now! Thats what my friend and I were thinking as we saw the vending machine in Somerset House’s exhibition Big Bang Data. But of course it was a work of art. We should have known better. This piece by Ellie Harrison does not accept money in exchange for a bag of chips. The machine is linked to the BBC News RSS feed. Every time the stream mentions a word relating to the recession, a free bag of crisps will drop. Next to the machine is a plaque with a list of “key words” that trigger the free food. Some of the words include: savings, globalization, downturn, credit, chancellor and banks. If you are lucky, you might be there when one of they key words is recognized by the vending machine and you can win a free bag of crisps! I, on the other hand, was not that lucky.