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Sculpture in the Close

fullsizerender-18If you ever find yourself in Cambridge, England be sure to swing by Jesus College and explore the sculpture in the close. Various statues are scattered across the luscious green lawn inviting viewers to come in for a closer look.





Lucifer // Bryan Kneale RA // 2007

fullsizerender-19E. Paolozzi 1994

Cubes & Trees

fullsizerender-15Trees // Ai Weiwei

Cubes and trees. What an interesting combination. What does it even mean? Well, they are each a series by artist Ai Weiwei and can be seen at Heong Gallery in Cambridge’s Downing College. Ai Weiwei’s trees are created by combining existing real tree branches together with large nuts and bolts. For his cubes, the ones on view are composed of four different materials: wood, crystal and tea. What do you prefer? Cubes or trees?

FullSizeRender-20.jpgTrees // Ai Weiwei


Cubes // Ai Weiwei


Crystal Cube // Ai Weiwei // 2014 // crystal


Treasure Box // Ai Weiwei // 2014 // Huali wood