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FullSizeRender-2Britto // Romero Britto

It’s time to build your own art! Not in the traditional mediums with paint and canvases, but with stuffed animals. Build-a-Bear Workshop has partnered with Brazilian Pop Artist Romero Britto to create a special animal, the Britto Bear. The bear is made of bright, bold colored fabric adorned with patterns, hearts, flowers and polka dots. If you would like your own cuddly work of art, head on down to Build-a-Bear to bring your own Britto Bear to life!


DSC03218Transport // Antony Gormley // 2010 // Iron Nails // 210 x 63 x 43 cm

Located in the Eastern Crypt in Canterbury Cathedral hangs an eery figure composed of nails. These are no ordinary nails. The nails used for this work of art came from the south east transept roof of the cathedral. Gormley used the Cathedral’s historic building materials to create an in situ contemporary work. The nail outline of the body hangs above Thomas Becket’s original tomb, marking this significant location for visitors.

Canterbury Cathedral

IMG_2996The Canterbury Cathedral, known for its ornate stained glass, is considered the oldest church in England and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cathedral’s architectural design was influenced by the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Normans. But, perhaps one of the most famous aspects of the Cathedral is the site where Thomas Becket was martyred. The shrine of Thomas Becket displays a candle, burning indefinitely, as a tribute to him and his legacy.