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FullSizeRender-22Street artist Andy

Oh Paddington! Are you on another one of your London adventures?! Paddington, an iconic character from children’s books, has become a household name. Equipped with his blue coat, red hat, and note fastened to his coat that reads “Please look after this bear,” Paddington appears to be climbing towards his next journey. Will it be in Trafalgar Square where  street artist Andy so carefully rendered this detailed chalk art?

Screaming Chalk

IMG_2786Freddy, a new chalk artist, drew this masterpiece outside of the National Gallery in London. A screaming woman is shown in black and white with the caption in red stating: “I dream of a world where terror is only in the movies.” Art serves as a powerful tool to express feelings in a time of despair and distress. Thoughts go out to everyone affected by terror.

Big Ben

IMG_1908I love drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. The bright colors swipe across the concrete in a way that seems almost magical.  At the hands of artists, the powdered colors blend forming pictures that are at times stunning. On the street just outside the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, one artist has created an almost 3D image of Big Ben solely out of chalk.