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Guerilla Knitting

IMG_7388Across the street I see a burst of color. What is it? Oh my gosh it is the aftermath of a guerrilla knitting. In this form of street art, artists abandon the traditional elements such as paint or chalk for something a little softer, yarn. Artists knit or crochet vibrant colors and patterns with the aim of covering something completely in yarn. Sometimes it is a tree, or a park bench, or in this case an electrical box.

The Little Mermaid

IMG_7428The Little Mermaid // Edvard Eriksen // 1913 // granite

The Little Mermaid, the girl who traded her life under the sea for legs and prince charming, sits on a rock in the water in Copenhagen. A fairy tale by the famed Hans Christian Andersen, people flock from all over to see the girl. In 1913 Jacobson commissioned Edvard Eriksen to create a granite sculpture of the Little Mermaid perched on a rock. A favorite tale by Jacobsen, he decided to donate this sculpture to the city of Copenhagen, commemorating his love of the tale for all who visit.


IMG_7408Thezinker // Kim Michael // 2010-2012

What is he thinking? This massive sculpture by Kim Michael, known as Thezinker, sits with his head in his palm. He is not carved or casted, rather he is created out of found pieces of scrap metal. Michael plays with the interconnectedness of the globe as these parts come from all over. Thezinker is united by these pieces of metal just as the everyone in the world is united by what man creates. What do you think?

The David Collection

IMG_7536In the heart of Copenhagen is the David Collection, home to the collection of David Samling. A former townhouse at Kronprinsessegade 30 converted into a museum, the collection showcases a wealth of 18-19th century European Art, Danish Art and an immense collection of Islamic Art.





IMG_7554Hammershoi was a Danish artist known for his paintings of the city of Copenhagen. He often painted domestic scenes such as interior doors, windows and homes. Here are two of his pieces from the David Samling Collection in Copenhagen. One depicts two brown roofed homes while the other shows light streaming through an interior window.



IMG_7594The David Collection in Copenhagen is known for its breath of Islamic Art. In its current exhibition, Shahnama: The Colorful Epic about Iran’s Past, miniatures from this famed poem [known in English as The Book of Kings], is on view. You are encouraged to take a magnifying glass and peer closely at the manuscript pages, allowing you to see intricate details. As you progress through the gallery spaces, the story unfolds, and you become engrossed in finding out more about Iran’s history.

IMG_7562The Slaying of Siyawush // Iran, Shiraz; end of 16th century & later // Leaf: 39 x 25; Frame: 33.8 x 25 cm


 Kay Khusraw and the Persian Army March to Gudarz’s Rescue // Iran, Lahijan // 1492-1494 // Leaf: 32.4 x 24.5’ Frame: 27.2 x 21.1 cm


 Bahrain Gur Captures the Khan of Chin // Iran, Shiraz & Turkey, Istanbul? // 1562-1583 // Leaf: 45.5 x 32.7; Frame: 32.8 x 22.7 cm

Eye Attack

IMG_7139 Random Distribution of 88,000 Squares Using The ∏  Number Decimals, 50% Odd Digit Blue, 50% Even Digit Red // François Morellet

Warning: this exhibition can cause dizziness and nausea. This was written on the wall label before the entrance to the Louisiana Museum of Art’s exhibition Eye Attack. This show explores Op Art and Kinetic Art from 1950-1970. Works spin, twist, flicker. Or so they seem. It is up to you to decipher what works are actually moving and which works make you think they are in motion by playing tricks with your eyes. There are optical environments you can enter, videos to watch and a timeline of Op Art and Kinetic Art. This exhibition will  attack your eyes but in an unique and pleasing manner.

IMG_7143Blaze 4 // Bridget Riley // 1964


Dynamics of Color // Jesús Rafael Soto // 1957


Optic Environment


Volumes // Richard Josepha Anuszkiewicz // 1970


Chromosaturation // Carlos Cruz-Diez // 1965-2016


Ready to Fly

IMG_7630Ready to Fly // Raimo Veranen // 2001 // Stone // Gate D1, Pier D

Check in. Security. Art. Boarding Gate. Wait, what? Art? Yes I said art. The airport in Copenhagen, Koebenhaven Lufthavene has added a step in your travel journeys. Before you board your gate at the airport be sure to check for the nearby works of art.  This is one work I saw at Gate D1. It is titled Ready to Fly and is by Finish artist Raimo Veranen. The wall installation consists of 56 moving children. The ceiling lights cast shadows on the figures making them come to life. These seeming moving children are on a journey just like anyone passing through the gate to board their plane.

Louisiana Museum of Art

IMG_7231With a breathtaking view of the Oresund Sound, the Louisiana Museum of Art is worth the visit. Upon entering the grounds you can decide if you would like to enter the museum or wander through the sculpture park. However, these two decisions are not mutually exclusive. The glass walls of the museum allow you to see the sculptures outside when you are in the museum and if you are outside, you can view the paintings hanging on the wall. The museum incorporates nature in a minimalistic fashion that elegantly showcases Danish architectural styles.

IMG_7035Reclining Figure No. 5 (Seagram) // Henry Moore // 1963-1964


Phases of Nothingness // Nobu Sekine // 1970


The Gate in the Gorge // Richard Serra // 1986


 Almost Snow Plow (L) // 1964-1976 & Nervures Minces (R) // 1983 // Alexander Calder