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IMG_6020In the Courtauld Gallery exhibition Botticelli and Treasures from the Hamilton Collection, intricate drawings by Botticelli of Dante’s Inferno hang on the walls. Magnifying glasses are provided allowing  visitors a closer look at Botticelli’s detailed drawings of hell, purgatory and paradise. These monochromatic drawings are juxtaposed with vivid colored manuscripts and the prized Hamilton Bible.

Bruegel in Black & White

IMG_6021In a show focusing on the Peter Bruegel the Elder’s impressive skill in depicting variations in gray, the Bruegel in Black & White exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery is anything but gray. Bruegel’s immense talent in creating a scene by only utilizing white, black and gray is known as grisailles. In this show three of his most famous grisailles works, Christ and The Women Taken in Adultery, The Death of the Virgin and Three Soldiers are shown together along with renditions by Bruegel’s followers. Be sure not to miss this exhibition [on view until May 8] as these monotone works will leave you with a colorful memory.