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Tate Art Walks

FullSizeRender-6.jpgWinged Figure // Barbara Hepworth // commissioned 1961, erected 1963, aluminum alloy & stainless steel // John Lewis 2nd floor façade, Holles Street // Cadmium Yellow Walk

London is a city filled with art. Despite its numerous world renowned art museums, why not try something a little different? Tate has supplied a map of various art walks throughout the city allowing you the opportunity to explore public works of art; art outside the museum walls. Tate’s guide supplies a map of each walk and a list of approximately ten works with a brief caption about the piece. As of now I have completed four of the ten walks. These journeys led me to explore public art in Kensington and Hyde Park, Covent Garden, Soho and Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury. These are my favorite works from each walk.

img_0764Selene // Hew Locke // 2013 // bronze // Nadler Hotel, Carlisle Street, W1 // Moss Green Walk


The Arch // Henry Moore // 1979-1980 // Travertine stone // Kensington Gardens // Scarlet Walk


Bluerain // Michael Brown // 2009 // 23,520 blue light-emitting diodes LSE Library // Portugal Street // Turquoise Walk

Art After Hours


What if art was reflected in art? Well in Covent Garden’s Reflect London, artist Jean-Charles de Castelbajac painted on mirrors in red, blue and yellow.  His work of art is reflected by the  numerous mirrors on the marketplace’s façade. This piece was created in celebration of Covent Garden’s Art After Hours so be sure to go check it out after hours!


Reflect London

FullSizeRender-2The iconic façade of Covent Garden is home to a new work of art, Reflect London. 67 mirrors span 32,000 square feet and completely cover the entrance, sides and pillars of the Covent Garden marketplace. Designed by Sculptivate, Covent Garden and its visitors will be reflected in the mirrors for 8 months. So make sure to catch a glimpse of yourself as you walk by!


Globe Head Ballerina

IMG_6350Globe Head Ballerina // Yinka Shonibare // Commissioned by the Royal Opera House in 2012

Rotating on pointe in a clear sphere is a ballerina. She is no ordinary ballerina as instead of a head she has a globe. Yinka Shonibare created this work for the Royal Opera House in 2012. The ballerina was inspired by the ballerina Margot Fonteyn, one of the most famous ballerinas in England.


The Bridge of Aspiration

FullSizeRender-14Twisting above Floral Street in Covent Garden Marketplace is The Bridge of Aspiration. The bridge connects the Royal Ballet School and the Royal Opera House. The architects achieved something awe inspiring when they spiraled metal to form this bridge. This work of art serves to inspire not only the performers in the Ballet School and Opera House, but anyone who happens to walk beneath or across this work of art.

Inflatable Dreams

FullSizeRender-11Feel like jumping into a pool without getting wet? If so, you are in for a treat! In Galeria Melissa, located in Covent Garden, you can go swimming in a pool full of plastic balls. And, it isn’t for children. You have to be over the age of 13 to jump in to the fun. There is even a plastic slide encouraging you to let go and have a ball. Galeria Melissa is a shoe store which created a collaboration with artist Jeremy Scott titled Inflatable Dreams. So you can interact with art whilst you shop.




Dot to Dot

FullSizeRender-2On Target // Rian Hughes // Dot Artwork #14

The new pop up art gallery in Covent Garden is right on the dot. Quite literally actually. The Digital Dot Room, an advocator for a London online domain and proponent of the digital arts, currently has an exhibition titled Dot to Dot. The gallery features twenty designed works of art all in the shape of a circle. In the back of the gallery you can see a video of these dots and the story they are intended to tell. These were my favorite dots. Which one is your favorite?


FullSizeRender-3The Eyecon // Bert Gilbert // Dot Artwork #01

FullSizeRender 2

Happy Dot // Stuart Semple // Dot Artwork #17


Volcano’s Babe // Trinity Tristan // Dot Artwork #18

Words of Wisdom


After seeing my first WRDSMTH street art a few months ago I am now constantly searching the streets for more of its works. The other night I was ecstatic when I stumbled upon two works pasted to the side of two different London red telephone booths. These two text pieces provide words of wisdom for taking chances in their relationships. Have you seen any WRDSMTH works? If so, please tell me!


Lego Santa Express


Duncan Titmarsh // UK’s only LEGO Certified Professional // 500,000 legos // Took 3 months

The holiday festivities are in full force in London’s Covent Garden. Located to the right of the main entrance is a Lego masterpiece, the Santa Express. This train is made entirely out of legos and is equipped with a Christmas tree, teddy bear and presents.  The Lego Santa Express was created by the UK’s only Lego Certified Professional, essentially a lego artist.


Paint by Numbers

IMG_5000The red telephone booth of London seems somewhat prehistoric in this digital era. A telephone booth in Covent Garden differs from its brethren by displaying a cry for creativity. The message mourns the societal practice of preaching the need of  “painting by numbers” and urges us to instead “create what you feel.” A pretty nice philosophy imprinted on the face of London’s iconic telephone booth.