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Pharmacy 2

IMG_0234.JPGWhat’s your prescription? Damien Hirst’s newest restaurant is designed to resemble a whimsical pharmacy. A Damien Hirst medicine cabinet covers the back wall. Wall paper listing countless pills, chairs decorated to resemble pills and pharmacy crosses created out of Hirst’s butterfly pieces fill the room. Pills cover every service in this restaurant. But have no fear, the menu serves a lovely Sunday roast.




Sculpture in the City

FullSizeRender-2Charity // Damien Hirst // Painted Bronze // 6858 x 2438 mm

When walking through the financial district in London it is natural to look up. The tall buildings such as the Shard and the Gherkin are modern architectural structures that tower above the historic buildings such as St. Pauls Cathedral. However, I urge you to look around next time you find yourself near these buildings as there is currently a sculpture exhibition spread through this part of the city. Titled Sculpture in the City, this display of works is part of London’s Cultural Strategy and features artists such as Damien Hirst, Bruce Beasley, Shan Hur and Ai Weiwei. There are twelve sculptures. How many have you found?

FullSizeRender-10Forever // Ai Weiwei // Stainless steel // 728.6 x 1603.8 x 397.9 cm

FullSizeRender-3 copy

Breakout II // Bruce Beasley // Bronze // 145 x 229 // 61 cm


 Broken Pillar #12 // Shan Hur // 2015 // Steel, concrete, ceramic & granite // 32 x 32 x 302 cm


Forms Without Life

FullSizeRender-1Forms Without Life // Damien Hirst // 1991 // Fiberboard cabinet, melamine, wood, steel, glass & sea shells

Six shelves containing beautiful sea shells comprise Damien Hirst’s “Forms Without Life” located at Tate Britain. The sea shells seem to invite you to come up closely and look, but you can’t touch as they rest behind class. The enclosed case harks back to the pre-cursors of museums, the cabinets of curiosity, which were intended to showcase unique and rare objects from all over the world in the same room or cabinet. Hirst’s work does so as well. Where are these sea shells from? Did Damien Hirst find them or did he buy them? We don’t know. All we know is that these sea shells create a relaxing environment, similar to a lazy afternoon on the sand.

Chicken & Steak

FullSizeRender-20I never dreamed I would be eating a chicken and steak dinner while staring  at a chicken on top of a cow in a formaldehyde tank. But, at Tramshed owned by Mark Hix, the chicken and cow stand tall in the middle of the restaurant. A piece by Damien Hirst, this work of art reflects the food served. What an interesting way to pair food and art, don’t you think?

Newport Street Gallery

FullSizeRender-23What will Damien Hirst do next? This is always a good question. I don’t have a clue but if it is as exciting as his current project I can’t wait to see it. His most recent project is the Newport Street Gallery, which opened just last month. Hirst converted Victorian buildings in Vauxhall, London into a white cube shaped art gallery. He will use the space to exhibit his own 3,000 piece art collection. The current show, John Hoyland Paintings 1964-1982, consists of highly saturated brightly colored canvases devoid of any figures. It is worth a visit.

IMG_260729.12.66 // John Hoyland // Acrylic on canvas





IMG_4445While you may spot a formaldehyde tank from across the room and immediately associate it with Damien Hirst, he is an artist that works with a diverse range of media. One of my favorites is a group of works known as his Spot Paintings. As you may have realized, I love to recreate works of art through food, so I decided to create spotted cookies in honor of Damien Hirst