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OM Lab


Did you happen to drop by the Rubin Museum of Art in NYC earlier this year? If so, did you take part in the OM Lab? The OM Lab was a cube recording studio where visitors were invited to enter and record their own “OM” meditation chant. All of the recordings were compiled and played in the exhibition “The World is Sound,” which started in June. The meditation sound “OM” [phonetically pronounced A-U-M] has been practiced for over 3,000 years for meditation, yoga and music. So stop by the Rubins to listen to this meditative musical work of art.



IMG_0200.jpgIf you ever find yourself in Annapolis, be sure to stop by the Annapolis Ice Cream Company. While you eat delicious ice cream (I recommend the Peanut Butter Oreo), you can create a work of art on plastic ice cream spoons. The shop provides sharpies and spoons for customers to decorate. After you design your spoon, they will hang it on the board to be showcased alongside the other embellished utensils.


Blank Canvas

IMG_6723If you like wine and drawing then I have the perfect gift for you! Blank Canvas Wine. The bottles come with a blank canvas, surprising right? You are encouraged to draw whatever you want on the bottle, providing a more personal touch to giving wine as a present. My friends and I decided to decorate a bottle for a friend’s 23rd birthday. Here is our masterpiece!

FullSizeRender 22

Before I die I want to _____

IMG_6405On a wall outside Borough Market in London hangs a chalkboard with chalk. Written on the board is the phrase “Before I die I want to ______.” People are encouraged to pick up a piece of chalk and write down what they want to do. One person said they want to “pass their driving test,” while another individual said they want to “save a life.” So, what do you want to do before you die?

Puzzling Street Art

IMG_4995Do you like art? Do you like puzzles? Well if you answered yes to both of those questions, the puzzling art at Brick Lane Market is perfect for you. On various street lamps sit five crates with images on each side. One crate has feet, one has legs, two have bodies and the final crate has a head. When you rotate each crate you can create a different person. These are the three I designed.



A Marvelous Collage

JPEG image-020B4FF9E102-1Photographs by Erin Fong

Have you always liked adding eyes to inanimate objects or pinning mustaches to faces? At the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC you can become a Surrealist artist and leave your mark on the interactive collage wall! Along one wall in the museum is the Collage: Make a Surrealist Composition. People of all ages are invited to use the magnetic images of eyes, mustaches, hats etc. and add them to the wall. Together a new work of art will be created.

JPEG image-EB07647A274C-1

JPEG image-E7A2C3620BD8-1

JPEG image-5D0A33EB221F-1

Cake with White Center

IMG_9905Whenever I go to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art I always visit Mark Rothko’s White Center, which is located in the Ahmanson Building. I find myself always staring at the blending colors with its striking white stripe in the center. What is it about this work that is so inviting? I am not sure. But what I am sure is that I can recreate this in the form of a cake. So I did. Combining various food dyes to try to produce similar colors to Rothko’s paint, I frosted Cake with White Center to resemble White Center.


Mark Rothko // White Center // Oil on canvas // 1957 // LACMA


IMG_4445While you may spot a formaldehyde tank from across the room and immediately associate it with Damien Hirst, he is an artist that works with a diverse range of media. One of my favorites is a group of works known as his Spot Paintings. As you may have realized, I love to recreate works of art through food, so I decided to create spotted cookies in honor of Damien Hirst

One Ton Prop (House of Gram Crackers)

IMG_9914As I was trying to think of works of art I could recreate using food, Richard Serra’s One Ton Prop (House of Cards) came to mind. Serra, a minimalist sculptor, creates this work using lead antimony and four plates. The plates are not attached to one another. Instead, they all lean on each other, similar to a house of cards. When I decided to try to make this work out of gram crackers, I thought it would take 5 minutes. It seemed quite simple. However, after thirty minutes I was growing frustrated. Every time I had three of the crackers leaning, I would place the fourth, only to see all of them fall over…again. Finally, by some miracle, they all leaned long enough for me to take a photo. Needless to say, I have a newfound respect for Richard Sera.

Check out One Ton Prop (House of Cards) on the MoMA website to compare Richard Serra’s work to my House of Gram Crackers.