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Spun Chair

IMG_8717.JPGMagic Spun Chairs // Thomas Heatherwick // Photograph by Alexa Corbin

Who doesn’t love spinning around a swivel chair? British designer Thomas Heatherwick realized the simple fun of spinning in circles when he created a chair designed to spin. Heatherwick’s “Magic Spun Chairs,” are a rotation-molded chair that looks more like a large top than a chair. These chairs have been placed at the Southbank Center in London, the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and the Design District in Dubai for people to sit and spin their worries away.

IMG_8720.JPGMagic Spun Chairs // Thomas Heatherwick // Photograph by Alexa Corbin

The Untitled Swing Project

IMG_8721.JPGThe Untitled Swing Project // Rula Yaghmour, Dina Haddadin, Moar Al-Zo’bi & Rand El Haj Hasan // Arini Creative Platforms // Photograph by Alexa Corbin

Visitors had the opportunity to swing into the art world in an interactive installation by Rula Yaghmour, Dina Haddadin, Moar Al-Zo’bi & Rand El Haj Hasan for the 2015 Dubai Design Week. Various countries in the Middle East had pavilions which showcased innovative art and designs. The swings, fittingly titled “The Untitled Swing Project,” was part of the Jordan Pavilion. Swings allow people to feel weightless and free, evoking a feeling childhood innocence. The swings were all connected  by white beams, whilst the seats were made of stone from Palestine and Jordan.


IMG_8772Squeaki (Monumental) // Britto // Enamel on aluminum // 182.9 x 127 x 30.5 // Photograph by Alexa Corbin

This cute geometric kitten is a sculpture by Brazilian pop artist Britto. Created in his signature style, Britto uses bold colors and patterns as a way to play with contemporary conceptions of pop art. This cat, Squeaki, is currently in Dubai. Have you seen any Britto sculptures? 


IMG_6815Photographs & Videos by Alexa Corbin

Ever wanted to go to Wonderland? Well, in Dubai you can enter Wanderland, an exhibition of the works of the fashion designer Hermès. Located in the Dubai Mall this show is like entering a whimsical world of Alice filled with elephants in a China cabinet, moving eyes, swirling paint and of course a display of Hermès finest products.