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It worked for Ed Ruscha

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Known for his images with overlaid text, Ed Ruscha has developed an iconic artistic style. While art gazing at Bergamot Station, I found this work and it made me chuckle. Resembling a classic Ed Ruscha piece, this artist overlaid text stating “It Worked for Ed Ruscha,” implying if it worked for Ruscha it will work for him too. 


IMG_0102.jpgAs one of the many museums located on the National Mall, the Smithsonian’s Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden showcases masterpieces of modern and contemporary art. The circular building, which includes an interior courtyard, was designed by the famed architect Gordon Bunshaft. With artists ranging from Ron Mueck, Hamish Fulton and Ed Ruscha, these were a few of my favorites.


IMG_0016Untitled (Big Man) // Ron Mueck // pigmented polyester resin on fiberglass // 2000


Bust of Diego on a Stele II // Alberto Giacometti // bronze // 1958


Woman // Willem de Kooning // oil paint on wood // 1965


Window // Gerhard Richter // oil paint on canvas // 1968


Moonrise Kent England, 30 September 1985 // Hamish Fulton // paint and vinyl on wall // 1985


From Continent to Continent // Mario Merz // steel, glass, neon, clay & metal cables // 1985


The Los Angeles County Museum on Fire // Ed Ruscha // oil paint on canvas // 1965-1968


Fish // Alexander Calder // metal, paint, wire, plastic, wood, glass & ceramic // 1944


Untitled // Jannis Kounellis // stone & plaster fragments // 1980


Untitled // Robert Gober // plywood, iron, plaster, latex, paint & lights // 2003


Still Life with Spirit and Xitle // Jimmie Durham // car, volcanic stone & acrylic paint // 2007


The Billboard Creative

FullSizeRender 44Ed Ruscha // 2015 // Melrose

Traffic stopper. As bad as driving can be in Los Angeles there can be an added benefit. Currently in Los Angeles The Billboard Creative has placed 33 billboards throughout the city designed by contemporary artists. Curated by Mona Kuhn, these billboards are sure to stop traffic. Have you seen any? Log on to the ArtMoi app to find out the locations of these welcome additions to the ubiquitous billboards of Los Angeles.

FullSizeRender 22Jack Pierson // 2015 // Santa Monica Blvd

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Bear Kirkpatrick // 2015 // Gower Street

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Shannon Rose // 2015 //Cahuenga Blvd


Robert Zuchowski // 2015 // Virgil Ave