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Vending Machine

IMG_5168Vending Machine // Ellie Harrison // 2009 // Vending machine, Arduino board, PC, custom software, crisps

Wow a vending machine in an exhibition! I could definitely go for a bag of crisps right now! Thats what my friend and I were thinking as we saw the vending machine in Somerset House’s exhibition Big Bang Data. But of course it was a work of art. We should have known better. This piece by Ellie Harrison does not accept money in exchange for a bag of chips. The machine is linked to the BBC News RSS feed. Every time the stream mentions a word relating to the recession, a free bag of crisps will drop. Next to the machine is a plaque with a list of “key words” that trigger the free food. Some of the words include: savings, globalization, downturn, credit, chancellor and banks. If you are lucky, you might be there when one of they key words is recognized by the vending machine and you can win a free bag of crisps! I, on the other hand, was not that lucky.