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Ahhhhh Who Am I?

IMG_6439Study for a Portrait // Francis Bacon // oil & sand on canvas // 1909-1992

Who is this man in mid scream? He is blurred, paint streaking down his face. You can see his white teeth and his sunken eyes behind his glasses. But who is he? This study by Francis Bacon could be a portrait of a business man, the Soviet director Sergel Einstein or someone completely arbitrary. We don’t know who he is. But what we do know is that he appears to crying out in anguish.

L’Image Volée

IMG_9008 Empty frame of Vincent van Gogh’s Portrait of Dr. Gachet (1890) // Sampling Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main cornice

The exhibition L’Image Volée at the Prada Foundation is a group show curated by one of the artists, Thomas Demand. Categorized into three sections, the exhibition explores the themes of stolen art and images. Whilst some artists steal or alter existing art to make new works, other artists take images from the public, such as television clips and security cameras, as the basis for an artistic piece. The works in this exhibition are sure to steal your breath away.


Slashed canvas // Francis Bacon // Collection Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin


 Concetto spaziale, Attese // Lucio Fontana — Hisachika Takahashi // 1966 // oil on canvas // Private collection, Milan


Poster // Lucian Freud // 1988 // ink on paper // Frankfurt am Main