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IMG_3091.JPGWhen I think of a cathedral, stained glass immediately comes to mind. However, contemporary glass sculptures do not. In the Salisbury Cathedral the old and the new come together in a unique glass exhibition. Contemporary glass works by nine artists are displayed on a long table surrounded by the cathedral’s stained glass windows.




DSC01151Steps // Alfredi Pirri // 2011

As I entered the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna in Rome I was unsure if I should continue. The main entrance was covered with broken mirrors. There were statues on the glass but no one was walking near this cracked floor. Was this a work on display? I searched around trying to find a wall didactic and initially couldn’t find one. So, cautiously I decided to walk over the glass. As I made my journey over the fractured mirrors I looked down, watching myself walk over the work of art. I became part of the work. DSC01157