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Amber Goldhammer

FullSizeRender 33.jpgEver see graffiti on the street and wish you could take it home? Amber Goldhammer’s art allows you to take graffiti home. Her canvas are filled with graffiti style words and phrases in bold colors and in black and white. Looking at her work becomes almost a scavenger hunt where you are researching for words and faces through the overlaid color. One of her new series is “I Love You,” where the phrase repeats over and over again all over the canvas. 

FullSizeRender 45

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HOPE Outdoor Gallery


Located in the heart of Austin is an outdoor art gallery. Specifically,  a graffiti park titled HOPE Outdoor Gallery. Okay, but what makes this one so special? Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible  to contribute to the gallery. This paint park is designed for graffiti and street artists to leave their masterpieces in the open air gallery. If you are interested in painting your own work of art at HOPE Outdoor Gallery simply email murals@hopecampaign.org to register!



Kosmic Krylon Garage

img_6782Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004

When trying to find parking at a museum, normally you don’t look for art in its parking garage. But at the Pasadena Museum of California Art, Kenny Scharf has created whimsical spray painted murals in its parking structure. Bright green, purple and blue futuristic looking characters sprawl across the walls encouraging you to park next to something that catches your eye.

img_6779Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004


Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004


Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004


Kosmic Krylon Garage // Kenny Scharf // 2004

Venturing Beyond

FullSizeRender-13High-Visibility Graffito Solutions // Petro // UK // High-visibility fabric & 3M reflective material // 2016

Graffiti in a museum? That’s right! In Somerset House’s exhibition Venturing Beyond: Graffiti and the Everyday Utopias of the Street, graffiti works are placed within the walls of the museum. While graffiti is usually seen as breaking the rules, here they are showcased as works of art. Artists from the UK, France, Italy, Denmark, Australia the US and Spain push the boundaries of street art in this show by creating striking works that venture beyond our common stereotypes.

FullSizeRender-7 2The Only Emergency is the Absence of Emergency // Filippo Minelli // Italy // Pigment prints on paper & pigment print on silk


Chopper // Swoon // US // Paper cutouts & acrylic paint on wood // 2015


 _H1.A_ // Revok // US // Oil enamel & synthetic polymer on wood assemblage // 2015


 Busy Doing Nothing & Watching Out // Huskmitnavn // Denmark // Ink on paper // 2015


 Infinity Again / Smurf Blue Buff / Gassy Crying Dog // Russell Maurice // UK // Emulsion, cotton, nylon & nylon string on MDF / Emulsion & acrylic on cotton // 2016