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Serpentine Pavilion

FullSizeRender.jpgSerpentine Pavilion // Francis Kéré // 2017

Each summer (from 2000-2017) the Serpentine Gallery commissions an artist or architect to create a pavilion. Former designers have included Ai Weiwei, Frank Ghery, Sou Fujimoto and Jean Nouvel. The 2017 pavilion was built by Francis Kéré. Resembling a tree with a trunk-like structure in center, the 300 square meter pavilion allowed for a sitting area, a cafe and a place for educational events.

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Tate Art Walks

FullSizeRender-6.jpgWinged Figure // Barbara Hepworth // commissioned 1961, erected 1963, aluminum alloy & stainless steel // John Lewis 2nd floor façade, Holles Street // Cadmium Yellow Walk

London is a city filled with art. Despite its numerous world renowned art museums, why not try something a little different? Tate has supplied a map of various art walks throughout the city allowing you the opportunity to explore public works of art; art outside the museum walls. Tate’s guide supplies a map of each walk and a list of approximately ten works with a brief caption about the piece. As of now I have completed four of the ten walks. These journeys led me to explore public art in Kensington and Hyde Park, Covent Garden, Soho and Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury. These are my favorite works from each walk.

img_0764Selene // Hew Locke // 2013 // bronze // Nadler Hotel, Carlisle Street, W1 // Moss Green Walk


The Arch // Henry Moore // 1979-1980 // Travertine stone // Kensington Gardens // Scarlet Walk


Bluerain // Michael Brown // 2009 // 23,520 blue light-emitting diodes LSE Library // Portugal Street // Turquoise Walk

Serpentine Pavilion

FullSizeRender-110Bjarke Ingels

Every year in Hyde Park an artist is chosen to create the Serpentine Pavilion. This year Danish architect Bjarke Ingels was up to the challenge.  Made out of concrete, this airy pavilion doesn’t appear heavy.  Visitors are encouraged to walk inside and take a seat. The stacked right rectangular prisms are open on the sides allowing light to pass through. Sitting in the pavilion your  shadow creates a dramatic yet playful natural lighting scheme.





FullSizeRender-4Looking away from the tall buildings in South Kensington towards Hyde Park, these two colossal sculptures appear to be thinking. Perhaps they are thinking of the fresh air and the beautiful park that sits before them. Perhaps it encourages people to turn away from the bustling city streets and encourage a walk through the park. What do you think?




Untitled (xbox control) // acrylic on aluminum // 2014

Ever thought about traveling back in time? Well in Michael Craig-Martin’s exhibition, Transience at the Serpentine Gallery, it feels as though you are. His brightly colored works depict technological objects from 1981 to the present. This show is sure to make you travel back in time.



Icy Fun


Brr it’s cold outside! But, at the Magical Ice Kingdom and Bar Ice at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, it’s cold inside too! At the Magical Ice Kingdom enjoy a chilly walk through an ice sculpture park where you can view incredibly detailed works of horses, thrones and and woodland creatures all carved out of ice. Fancy a chilled beverage? Trot next door to Bar Ice and be immersed in a room carved completely out of ice where  even your drinks are served in glasses made of ice.