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Indian Miniature Painting

IMG_8239Folio from an illustrated manuscript of Anis-al-Hajjaj // Deccani // A.H. 1087-1666 CE

One section of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya Museum is dedicated to the art of Indian miniature painting between the 14th and 19th centuries. In this gallery space the brilliantly painted manuscripts are adorned with beautifully written calligraphy. For the “Turban Study” by Shakir Ali, the manuscripts illustrating various styles of turbans are juxtaposed with three-dimensional turbans. These were a few of my favorite pieces that were on view.

IMG_8245Reverse of the painting decorated with calligraphy // Deccani, Golkonda // Mid 18th century CE



Turban Study // Shakir Ali // 21st century CE

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

DSC09913.jpgFormerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya Museum in Mumbai has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010. Designed by architect George Wittet to honor the visit of the Prince of Wales in the 1990s, the museum reflects the Indo-Saracenic architectural style. This style combines elements of Hindu (geometric patterns) and Saracenic architecture (domes and pointed arches) to create this monumental structure. The museum is home to approximately 50,000 works including sculpture, European paintings, Chinese and Japanese antiquities and textiles.

SONY DSC The Buddhas Within // Satish Gupta // Copper and stainless steel with gold leafing


The Buddhas Within // Satish Gupta // Copper and stainless steel with gold leafing


Jewellery Box // Ivory // Delhi // 1903 CE


Mandapa // Polychrome Wood // Gujarat // 17th century CE & Jaina Tirthankara // Marble // Gujarat // Late Medieval


Tirthapata // Polychrome Wood // Gujarat // early 20th century CE


IMG_8345.jpgIn September 2014 the Prime Minister of India established the “Make India Week,” a time dedicated to promoting and showcasing what India has to offer in design and manufacturing. This week is used to create a bridge between the government and the economy whilst presenting India’s latest creations. The logo for the week is a lion and was designed by V. Sunil. Sculptures of the lion were located all around Mumbai. I spotted this one in the Mumbai Airport.


NGMA Mumbai

DSC09583.jpgThe historic Sir Cowasji Jehangir Public Hall is now home to the National Gallery of Modern Art Mumbai. The latest exhibition at the NGMA was “A Centenary Year of the Artist’s Birth” which showcased painter Shankar Blatant Palsikar. A member of the famous Bombay Group, Plasikar was a major influence in the art world after India’s independence. The exhibition highlighted his life as an artist and professor at the Sir J.J. School of Art by including photographs of the artist at work and his sketch books along side his abstract and portrait pieces.



Timeless Travels with The Taj

DSC09568.jpgEver thought to create a work of art out of a suitcase? The Jaipur Trunks Company did. Established in 2011, this company is dedicated to creating quality trunks for your needs whether that be for travel, storage or in this case a work of art. This piece, “Timeless Travels with the Taj,” is a replica of the hotel in which it is found, the Tj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, India and was commissioned for the 111th year of the hotel.

Block Printing

SONY DSCBlock printing is a traditional art form in India. To create a block printed textile involves a group of skilled artists including block carvers, printers (chhippas), dyers (rangrez) and washers (dhobis). Together these artists create ornate textiles in a variety of motifs and designs. Today there are many artists in India using the same methods that were used in the 14th century, to produce textiles enjoyed around the world.



Anupam Sen

img_8262Untitled // Anupam Sen // Oil on canvas // 2010

Brilliant blues, oranges and pink illuminate the canvases. These two vivid works are by Anupam Sen, an artist associated with The Indian Hotels Co. Ltd. Anupam Sen’s works are showcased in hotels throughout India, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and South Africa. These two works are located in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, India.

img_8267Untitled // Anupam Sen // Oil on canvas // 2010

Suitcase Museum

DSC09636.jpgSuitcase Museum // Dayanita Singh

2 Suitcases + 44 photographs = The Suitcase Museum by Dayanita Singh. Currently on view until February 21 in the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum (formerly known as the Victoria and Albert Museum), the objects in this exhibition explore the past and its influence on the future. The work provides a unique and creative perspective of ordinary objects presented in a matter to both intrigue and challenge those lucky to view it. Take for instance the image of the pink colored tied fabric. The cloth shown is used to protect works of art. It is up to the imagination of the viewer as to what lies beneath this dyed material. The works in The Suitcase Museum are part of her publication Museum of Chance, a book of eighty-eight images relating to the passage of time.

SONY DSCSuitcase Museum // Dayanita Singh

SONY DSCSuitcase Museum // Dayanita Singh


Suitcase Museum // Dayanita Singh


Suitcase Museum // Dayanita Singh


fullsizerender-18Behold // Sheela Gowda // 2009

Behold, a work of art comprised of 4,000 kilometers of human hair and metal car bumpers. Titled Behold by Sheela Gowda, this work fills one room in Tate Modern. Inspired by the practice in India of tying hair on a car bumper to keep away bad luck, Gowda’s installation harks back to this tradition.



London Design Biennale 2016

fullsizerender-3537 countries have come together at Somerset House with designs inspired by utopia. Scattered throughout the venue, each country responded to utopia differently – some focused on utopia’s political ideals, some created ways to provide aid and equality while one immerses you in a virtual reality. With 37 countries explaining their concepts, there is a lot of information to absorb. Not to worry. Cooper Hewitt’s technology pen allows you to tap the icon on each information didactic. Once you have tapped each wall label you want to remember, you can log on to the website and find the information you wanted to save ready to download to your computer. Pretty cool.

fullsizerender-28Daalaan // Pakistan


Otium and Acedia // South Africa


Shenzhen: New Peak // Shenzhen, China


Cooper Hewitt // United States of America


Water Machine // Saudi Arabia


Chakraview // India


VR Polis, Diving into the Future // Spain


Human. Touch // Israel


Human. Touch // Israel