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War Damaged Musical Instruments


War Damaged Musical Instruments // Susan Philipsz // 2015 // Audio, 14 channels, 32 minute loop

The haunting echoes of a musical melody are currently being played through large megaphones in Tate Britain’s Duveen Gallery. This work by Susan Philipsz was created by playing war damaged musical instruments from Britain and Germany. The composed piece took into consideration the way the music would sound in this particular gallery. Unlike most visual art pieces at Tate Britain, this work requires you to stand and listen.




Breathless // Cornelia Parker // Silver-plated brass musical instruments suspended on stainless steel wire // 2001

Talk about tooting your own horn! I think this work of art is pretty amazing. Suspended in the V&A Museum, Breathless by Cornelia Parker consists of a range of brass instruments hanging  from the ceiling in a spiraling circle. The flattened  instruments come from the British Legion Salvation Army and were all crushed on London’s iconic Tower Bridge. An eery stillness  surrounds this work of art, leaving viewers breathless.