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The Untitled Swing Project

IMG_8721.JPGThe Untitled Swing Project // Rula Yaghmour, Dina Haddadin, Moar Al-Zo’bi & Rand El Haj Hasan // Arini Creative Platforms // Photograph by Alexa Corbin

Visitors had the opportunity to swing into the art world in an interactive installation by Rula Yaghmour, Dina Haddadin, Moar Al-Zo’bi & Rand El Haj Hasan for the 2015 Dubai Design Week. Various countries in the Middle East had pavilions which showcased innovative art and designs. The swings, fittingly titled “The Untitled Swing Project,” was part of the Jordan Pavilion. Swings allow people to feel weightless and free, evoking a feeling childhood innocence. The swings were all connected  by white beams, whilst the seats were made of stone from Palestine and Jordan.

The Gateway at CityCenter

IMG_9847.jpgDavid Niles

Three colossal high definition screens form a 25 foot hight, 50 foot long archway in Washington DC. The entrance to an apartment complex, this work of art was created by David Niles. The screens display a variety of subjects such as elephants, bubbles, astronauts and in this photograph geometric designs. The images are accompanied by music. This, however, is no ordinary video work. Instead of having images on a constant loop, the video changes with the number of people walking through the arch. For example, if bubbles are on the screen, the number of bubbles shown will increase, as well as the music volume, if there are a lot of people walking through. When I visited there was only a handful of people, so it was pretty quite and the geometric patterns changed slowly.

IMG_9846David Niles

Flatiron Sky-Line

img_7843-2Flatiron Sky-Line // LOT // Photographs by Erin Fong

For the Flatiron Public Plaza Holiday Design Competition the winner went to “Flatiron Sky-Line.” The work consisted of white arches with led lights and hammocks hanging beneath. To celebrate the “23 Days of Flatiron Cheer,” cameras were located on the arches allowing individuals to send messages on the Flatiron’s Facebook Live page. This interactive installation was designed by LOT and received a lot of positive remarks.


Enchanted Forest of Light

FullSizeRender 49.jpgWhat is more fun than exploring gardens? Doing so in the dark! During the holiday season Descanso Gardens creates interactive light installations for visitors of all ages to explore. This year there were eight works including glowing circles that change colors as you walk, luminous tulips and lit oak trees which create a symphony of sounds as you stroll across the wooden platforms circling their trunks.

img_7295The Pool // Jen Lewin


Symphony of Oaks




Flower Power

The Swings

IMG_5070The Swings // Brookfield Place, Waterfront Plaza // Photographs by Erin Fong

Swing into summer at the Brookfield Place, Waterfront Plaza in NYC. Located on the plaza is a colossal swing set. People are invited to take a break from their bustling lives to sit and swing. However, these are no ordinary swings. These swings make music. One swing sounds like a piano, one a harp, one guitar and one a vibraphone. Together all participants compose a work of musical art simply by enjoying a ride on a swing.



Inflatable Dreams

FullSizeRender-11Feel like jumping into a pool without getting wet? If so, you are in for a treat! In Galeria Melissa, located in Covent Garden, you can go swimming in a pool full of plastic balls. And, it isn’t for children. You have to be over the age of 13 to jump in to the fun. There is even a plastic slide encouraging you to let go and have a ball. Galeria Melissa is a shoe store which created a collaboration with artist Jeremy Scott titled Inflatable Dreams. So you can interact with art whilst you shop.





IMG_6407Labyrinth 68/270 // Mark Salinger // 2013 // vitreous enamel on steel plate, powder coated black frame

If you take the tube, have you noticed the mazes located on the platform? Have you wondered what they are for? I have.  However, I have recently learned that they are part of the art on the tube, a project designed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the London underground. Artist Mark Salinger  created 270 of these mazes or labyrinths and can be found in every tube station in the city. Visitors are encouraged to find their way through the labyrinth starting with the little red “X.” The labyrinth symbolizes a person’s journey on the tube, a maze of lines and paths that eventually take you to where you need to be.

Before I die I want to _____

IMG_6405On a wall outside Borough Market in London hangs a chalkboard with chalk. Written on the board is the phrase “Before I die I want to ______.” People are encouraged to pick up a piece of chalk and write down what they want to do. One person said they want to “pass their driving test,” while another individual said they want to “save a life.” So, what do you want to do before you die?

Puzzling Street Art

IMG_4995Do you like art? Do you like puzzles? Well if you answered yes to both of those questions, the puzzling art at Brick Lane Market is perfect for you. On various street lamps sit five crates with images on each side. One crate has feet, one has legs, two have bodies and the final crate has a head. When you rotate each crate you can create a different person. These are the three I designed.