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The Color Inside

f.jpgThe Color Inside // James Turrell // Black basalt, plaster & LED lights // 2013 

I love James Turrell and his Skyspaces. Whenever I have a chance to experience one I go, even if it is a bit out of the way. So when I was in Austin I knew I had to go to Turrell’s “The Color Inside” at University of Texas at Austin. Located on the rooftop of UT Austin’s Student Activity Center, this Skyspace marks Turrell’s 84th. As visitors enter the oval structure they are invited to sit on the bench that juts out from the wall. If you sit down, you find yourself in a reclining position which provides optimal viewing of the oval hole in the ceiling. Lights slowly change color, juxtaposing against the color of the sky. If you reserve a spot in advance you are able to watch the sun set whilst sitting in this Skypsace which provides for a unique viewing experience.