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Larry Bell

FullSizeRender.jpgPacific Red // Larry Bell // laminated glass // 2017

Known for his involvement in the Light and Space Movement in California during the 1960s, Larry Bell is synonymous with light art. Bell works with a variety of media including glass, mirrors and polyester coated with aluminum to create works that reflect light in ways that challenge the perspective of the viewer. Some of his work was recently on view at the Frederick R. Weisman Museum on Pepperdine University’s campus in a show titled “Larry Bell: Pacific Red.” “Pacific Red,” a title of one of the works, is a new piece created of red laminated glass. Six “V” shaped glass panels were created, forming a chevron pattern. Visitors had the opportunity to walk in-between each panel, experiencing how the light changed through each consecutive “V.” Other works in the exhibition included a hanging series titled “Light Knots.” Consisting of abstract shapes that were polyester coated with aluminum and silicon, the “Light Knots” twirled in the air, their reflections creating flashes of spots across the walls and floors.

FullSizeRender.jpg-1(B) Church Studies // Larry Bell // Various tiles, mixed media on red Hiromi paper // 2011-2015 (T) Light Knots // Larry Bell // various tiles, polyester coated with aluminum & silicon // 2013-2016


Church Studies // Larry Bell // Various tiles, mixed media on red Hiromi paper // 2011-2015


Ghost Box // Larry Bell // glass, mirror & acrylic // 1962-1963


Cube #26 // Larry Bell // coats glass // 2006

Enchanted Forest of Light

FullSizeRender 49.jpgWhat is more fun than exploring gardens? Doing so in the dark! During the holiday season Descanso Gardens creates interactive light installations for visitors of all ages to explore. This year there were eight works including glowing circles that change colors as you walk, luminous tulips and lit oak trees which create a symphony of sounds as you stroll across the wooden platforms circling their trunks.

img_7295The Pool // Jen Lewin


Symphony of Oaks




Flower Power


IMG_4456This past weekend London was illuminated by neon lights. Various contemporary artists created works of art in brightly colored lights from a flower garden, to a stomping elephant to colossal fish swimming in the sky. The light installations were set up in in London’s most iconic locations such as Piccadilly Circus, Kings Cross and of course Westminster Abbey. Streets were closed to allow people to walk and experience the art together. Lumiere London certainly brightened my weekend.

IMG_4469The Light of the Spirit // Patrice Warrener // Westminster Abbey


Les Luminéoles // Porté par le vent // Piccadilly Circus


Les Luminéoles // Porté par le vent // Piccadilly Circus


Garden of Light // TILT // Leicester Square


Elephantastic // Top’là Design // Catherine Garret // Regent Street


Neon Dogs // Deepa Mann-Kler // The Strand


195 Piccadilly // NOVAK // Piccadilly


195 Piccadilly // NOVAK // Piccadilly