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Remembering Steve

IMG_9623.jpgIn a tribute to Steve Wolfe (1955-2016), many of his works were recently on view in Luhring Augustine in NYC. Hanging on the walls appeared books such as “Andy Warhol” by Rainer Crone and the Beetles album “Hey Jude/Revolution.” Wolfe used techniques such as screen-printing and materials including modeling paste to create replicas. This forces the viewer to determine if the object on view is an original or a masterpiece by Wolfe.

IMG_9624Untitled (Andy Warhol by Rainer Crone) // Steve Wolfe // oil, screenprint, modeling paste, paper, canvas board & wood // 1999 // 11.25 x 9 x 11/8 in


Untitled (Hey Jude/Revolution) // Steve Wolfe // oil, enamel, lithograph & modeling paste // 1992 // each sheet: 4 x 9.5 in

Willys de Castro

IMG_9618Sem titulo // Willys de Castro // oil on canvas // 1953 // 80 x 65 cm

Willys de Castro was one of the key members of the Neo-Concrete Movement in Brazil during the 1950s. While the Concrete Movement  focused on pure abstraction, the Neo-Concrete Movement emphasized the use of color and emotion in the works. In a solo show at Luring Augustine, some of Willys de Castro’s famed “Active Objects” were on view. Despite being mounted on the wall, the three-dimensionality of these wooden pieces draws attention to the work’s more sculptural elements.

IMG_9621Objeto ativo (Active object) // Willys de Castro // oil on canvas over wood // 1961 // 2.2 x 22.9 x 6.7 cm


Pluriobjeto (Pluriobject) // Willys de Castro // wood, edition 1/10 // 1966 // 100 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm


(L) Sem titulo (Untitled) // Willys de Castro// ink on paper // c. 1950s // 31 x 31 x 2 cm (R) Sem titulo (Untitled) // Willys de Ccastro // ink on paper // c. 1950s// 31 x 31 x 2 cm