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Underwater Discoveries

FullSizeRender-137The Mary Ward Centre for adult education has created a work of art in response to the British Museum’s summer blockbuster exhibition Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds. In this installation various shades of blue fabric hang down swimming with bright yellow fish, red starfish and sand. But the real treasure are the sculpture fragments resting on the sea floor resembling the ancient Egyptian statues found in the depths of the Nile.

The Enchanted Grove


Off to the side of the main entrance to the British Museum sits a new art installation. Designed by the Mary Ward Centre, this piece is titled The Enchanted Grove and coincides with the museum’s current exhibition Celts: Art and Unity which is on display until January 2016. The Enchanted Grove is composed of green and red fabric resembling branches with swirling gold patterns imitating Celtic coins, interlaced patterns and of course the Book of Kells.