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Still Life with Owls

IMG_1265.jpgStill Life with Owls // Jonas Wood 

If you have recently driven by MOCA in Los Angeles you may notice the entrance looks different. Artist Jonas Wood has created a mural to completely envelop the façade. Consisting of brightly colored flora, Wood creates a vibrant image of nature in this large scale work. 

IMG_1338.jpgStill Life with Owls // Jonas Wood

IMG_1266.jpgStill Life with Owls // Jonas Wood


FullSizeRender.jpg-1.jpegI Will Not Make Any More Boring Art [Wallpaper] // John Baldessari // vinyl // 2000/2015

At MOCA Grand in Downtown Los Angeles “Selections from the Permanent Collection” are on view. Artists such as Dan Flavin, Chris Burden, Gordon Matta-Clark and John Baldessari are just a few of the many artists currently showcased. These were a few of my favorites.

1f91fc7d-b747-4e12-9637-9ba2c67fc9c8Red Beatts // John Chamberlain // painted & chromium plated steel // 1988


“monument” for V. Tatlin // Dan Flavin // 1969


Hell Gate // Chris Burden // Metal toy construction parts (Meccano and Erector) & wood // 1998-1999


Office Baroque // Gordon Matta-Clark // parquet wood flooring, drywall & wood with Cibachrome print on masonite // 1977


Shore // Pierre Huyghe // sanded wall, pigments & turtle fossil // 2013


Little Light / Jac Leirner // electric cable, socket, blue & nails // 2005


Je Respire (avec Duchamp) // Tony Feher // vinyl flagging tape & painter’s tape // 2016


We Are The People // Sam Durant // vinyl text on electric sign // 2003

Electric Earth

76bee167-60c9-4200-8671-65237125677dSONG 1 // Doug Aitken // video installation with eight-channel composite video (color, sound), eight blended projections, and 360-degree aluminum and PVC screen // 2012/2015

Local Redondo Beach artist Doug Aitken’s first retrospective is currently underway at MOCA Geffen in Downtown LA. His practice alludes to the way individuals interact and adapt to society’s constant changes. What better way to see individuals’ interactions than by designing an exhibition with no immediate start or end. Visitors are empowered to begin their own journey through the show. From 360 degree video screens, to large scale installations of dripping water, to photographs splashed with prozac and bleach, Aitken uses a wide range of media. But the exhibition doesn’t end at MOCA Geffen. If you feel like experiencing his work submerged in water, Aitken has created an underwater installation off the island of Catalina which encourages those who dare to swim down, around and through the work. This is an exhibition that will electrify your senses.

a25d6d02-a77f-486a-a4fd-057d77a69e65SONG 1 // Doug Aitken // video installation with eight-channel composite video (color, sound), eight blended projections, and 360-degree aluminum and PVC screen // 2012/2015


100 YRS (neon) // Doug Aitken // hand-carved foam, acrylic & neon // 2014


99¢ dreams // Doug Aitken // neon // 2007


desire (chemical spills) // Doug Aitken // chromogenic print with MSG (monosodium glutamate), fluoxetine (Prozac) and chlorine bleach mounted on aluminum


Station to Station (Volume) // Doug Aitken // Earth, acrylic & steel // 2013


Hot Mess: Aperture series // Doug Aitken // chromogenic transparency on acrylic in aluminum lightbox with LEDs // 2016