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Painters’ Paintings

fullsizerender-15Recently on view at the National Gallery in London was the exhibition Painters’ Paintings. Rather than showing works centered around a particular theme, this show explored works of art collected by famous painters such as Van Dyck, Degas, Matisse and Freud. Seeing what works Degas chose to collect provided a unique insight as to what the artist thought was important to acquire.



IMG_6987If the roaring lion on the poster isn’t enough for you to visit the National Gallery’s newest exhibition, the wealth of works inside should surely entice you. Delacroix and the Rise to Modern Art shows the evolution of artists such as Renoir, Van Gogh, Matisse and Kandinsky who were influenced by Delacroix’s use of color and spacial composition.

Painting of a Painting

IMG_3138 2.JPGThe Finding of Moses // Nicolas Poussin // Oil on Canvas // 1651

Walking through the National Gallery I stumbled upon a woman painting. She stood in front of Poussin’s The Finding of Moses with her easel, canvas and paint. She was painting her own rendition of the famed Poussin. The National Gallery permits artists to work in the gallery; so if you ever feel inclined to copy the masters, the National Gallery serves as the perfect place for artistic inspiration.

Delicious Art


Have you always liked the idea of sipping wine while discussing art? Well now you can sip artful wine and liqueurs! Friary Liqueurs together with the National Gallery London has created a line of alcohol known as Delicious Art. There is a Cherry Brandy with the label depicting The Emperor Napoleon I (detail) by Emile-Jean Horace Vernet 1789-1863. Don’t care for brandy? How about a Ginger Liqueur bottle with the label showing The Fighting Temeraire (detail) 1839 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851. If you care for a snack with your artful drink, you can opt for one of their delicious art chocolates and jams.